Exploiters crashing server

So I’ve been helping someone work on a role play prison type game but there is a big problem. Some exploiters have been crashing the servers. I’m not sure how they’re doing this, but when they freeze the server everyone starts walking in place. 10 seconds later, people suddenly move again then it freezes again. It does not pop up with the “Internet Connection” error, instead the server basically freezes. I have not tried any solution since I have no clue how to get around this exploit, and I’m certain there are no back doors or malicious scripts anywhere.


Do you have a DataStore programmed?

There is a data store for their money, and Kohl’s Admin if that helps

Maybe you are sending too much requests from the datastore causing it to lag probably?

Oh, you have an admin, try getting rid of the Admin and check if the problem still continues.

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I think sending too many set or get requests only causes DataStore throttling and a loss of requests, from my understanding I don’t think this impacts game performance. Like Tamzy said, you should try removing the admin you have in the game and seeing if the issue persists. There’s a chance you’ve inserted a backdoor version of the admin (which is super easy to find nowadays, lots of fake copies everywhere) which is corrupting your game.

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I’ll do that but I’m pretty sure its the work of exploiters.
Here is the admin im using: https://www.roblox.com/library/172732271/Kohls-Admin-Infinite

It looks like its from the right owner but either way try getting rid of the admin because you never know what your scripts and the admin scripts are doing together and then check if the problem continues as I said.

If you think that exploiters are the ones crashing your server then how would that make sense since your using an admin which has Auto-Exploit system inside.

Remove admin and check if it still happens, if not then that’s not the cause.

Check your plugins, there are many fake plugins of every popular legit plugin. You might have installed a fake one. Then check for backdoors and viruses in your game.

Check for errors in the Developer Console, the issue could be from the scripts.


As others have said, try removing free models and plugins. Make sure you’ve set some kind of protection against exploiters. Even actually trustful plugins might lead to some backdoors.

The server’s probably crashing since the exploiters might have inserted infinte game loops and simply not adding any “wait()”. That attends to freeze games.


" Always include a delay such as wait() inside an infinite loop, as omitting it can freeze the game."

So yeah… I believe this can be the problem. Exploiters find ways to insert these kinds of scripts in-game. And probably, the exploiters you’re dealing with have no past experience, since experienced exploiters attend to “play with their bait”.

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There is a new glitch with the music system that can shut down the severs.

Roblox should patch this.

Roblox is probably dealing with it already.
This section is made to deal with Developer’s issues mainly. Please post your report on a new bug over here: How to post a Bug Report

Anyways, I must believe this glitch has nothing to really do with this problem listed right now. That glitch shuts down games, the current problem is freezing games.

Kohl’s admin commands are a bit outdated as well.
I suggest replacing them with a different admin commands sytem, for example HD admin commands.

Yes I’ve figured out the problem and they use a script to spam “:clean” in chat. What are some other reliable admins?

HD admin’s pretty nice I must say.