Exploiters DoSing servers with IP found in logs

Currently users can go to %localappdata% and then open the “Roblox” folder, Go to Logs, open the most recent. You can then see the server IP and port.

This allows users to DoS the server they were in. This is unpatchable from my understanding, but is there any way I could fix this? Users have been DoSing my game servers all day.

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Preventing people from seeing the IP through the logs isn’t going to stop it. You can use built in windows tools to see connected IPs based on application.

Plus, having the game servers ip is important to the engineers sometimes as there may be issues with those servers in particular.

There isn’t much Roblox can do about DoS attacks, they already have good systems in place I assume, but if it’s attacking the game servers UDP socket, they really would just have to up the firewall rules or something.

A user showed me exactly how he does it. He simply used a free booter online, types an ip in, a port, jacks up the bandwith, all my games are offline.

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Pretty sure since they are using (Amazon servers??? or one of those services) they can easily switch to another server if one is being attacked. (I’m prob so wrong)

Each server makes a new IP.

How many servers are usually running for your game?

50 people on one server.

60-70 on another… They’re group games so it doesn’t take much just to DoS one of our game servers.

Well the best roblox could do is get DDoS protection on a network level (If they dont already have it). other than that, not much they can do.

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Is this still a issue currently? I’ve been hearing about this and im trying to find out if this is a rumor or not.

I believe so. I haven’t heard anything regarding preventing this.

Lets just hope that this isnt widepread in exploit forums currently.

EDIT: maybe we could bring attention to this by bumping this or something, although this might be in the wrong fourm section

I guess not then