Exploiting Attributes?

Is it possible to exploit attributes?Change their value or even delete them?

On documentation provided by Roblox it says that they can be modified by scripts but it does not specify which script can do that,server sided script or client sided script.



No, it cannot be “exploited”. Anything changed with a local script will only impact something locally. Everything can technically be controlled through scripts (properties, attributes, or any instance). Just think of attributes as a property.


You are mostly correct, Changes involving character physics will replicate.


The CFrame of the character will replicate but not the properties themselves. The client controls their Humanoid and its HumanoidStates. If, say for example, WalkSpeed was changed on the client, it’ll speed up the Humanoid but the property will not replicate to the server.

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Did I say that the properties would change, I specifically said “physics” for a reason - that change would not only impact something locally.

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This is because the Network Ownership of the character is the player, thereby any changes made by the client will replicate to the server and other clients.

This only applies to the baseparts of the character however.

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I’m not sure what was the reason for your reply? It does not change the fact that your response was partially correct. You are just repeating what has already been said.

You only stated that character physics will replicate, but I’ve elaborated on that point and stated a reason why it does.

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No, you just misworded your post. It can be easily misinterpreted which is why I had to clarify.

And how is that relevant to the discussion, the point of the post was to invalidate the claim that anything from the client does not replicate, explaining the reason why it does replicate is irrelevant.

@dukzae My post can only be misinterpreted if you are unfamiliar with how the client-server model works, obviously the properties could not replicate. Nothing in my post is worded incorrectly.

Convenient that your post was edited, leaving only the part about physics replication. Don’t try to hide what you worded incorrectly from the post, and instead try to learn from it. I’m gonna leave it here because at this point it’s nonsensical arguing. If you do however wish to continue further, please do so in DM’s as the OP has been solved.

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I did not word anything incorrectly, I just decided to remove a line. Just because my post can be easily misinterpreted by you :slight_smile:, doesn’t mean it is for other persons - but I understand that you may be new to development so the terminology may have thrown you off :smirk:. Please refrain from making anymore posts under this thread - thank you!