Exploits that crash server with FilteringEnabled?

So my game has recently been attacked by a group of exploiters. Now, these users are claiming to be using “FE Crash” scripts.

Is this something that I can go about patching on my own or would this be more of a Roblox-side issue to fix?

Does anyone know of this situation currently?

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Do you have any more information on the exploit they are performing?

Also, check to see if you have the RespectFilteringEnabled property set to true under Soundscape.


As of the current time, I don’t really have more information than that. I thought they were spamming events in order to lag the server and then ultimately crash it.

RespectFilteringEnabled is checked however.

The only real content I have to prove this theory is of this:


There is a group of three users who claim to be the ones using an FE Crash script.

I believe @ConvexHero recently released an update that prevents the abuse of spamming remote events, although it still has to be optimized to prevent false positives. You can read more about it here.

However, you can still create an anti-abuse system on your own too. Perhaps kicks and ban anyone who fires an excessive amount of remote events in a second.



This blob of code I reverse engineered from some obfuscated script used to instantly crash a server. I don’t know if it still behaves that way though. You can test it by running a local server and pasting the script into the command bar of one of the clients.


I thought filtering enabled prevents all exploits

That’s not how filtering enabled works. What it does is prevents any changes made by the client from replicating on the server.

Here’s an example from the Wiki of how filtering enabled works when it is turned on: