Explorer+ | A Unity-like Explorer

I think these are possible, I just forgot the function for it

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Probably somewhere in the code for StudioService

Convert to package does exist


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I also found this


so it does appear in projects i’ve worked on before, but only when i’m playtesting which is really odd

Just wondering what everyone thinks of this view:

Which is much more like Unity’s:

I don’t know why I didn’t think of this sooner, but I much prefer this view. I would like to know what other people think before I change it, though.


Just to note that if this isn’t working for you, add Teams to the explorer via Model → Service → Teams or you’ll get this error in the output:

You should add a settings button that brings up a Frame with logo, version, credits, etc. and settings such as how the explorer should look like, and an option to display the icon instead of the part view

Is this normal?

Nope, definitely not. It looks like you have some permission errors. If you go to manage plugins, you have to allow the Explorer the permissions it asks.

I had already allowed the permissions however it looks like there is an update that I will install now.

Edit: After update it is now working.

I would like to quickly point out that any additional stuff that you enable to show up in Explorer have their icons not show up properly.

Also, this is partly off the screen:

And, the UI is not designed for small Windows:

(which causes this when trying to resize the grid (clicking the resize button is fine, just seems to be the slider):

Some feature requests as well
  • Please don’t force me to right click a script in order to open it
  • Please support renaming files
  • Please support pasting files

I’ll see what I can do to fix that one soon. I’m wondering if opening another plugin window would be beneficial, or just centering it on screen. Either way, I will fix it!

The idea is for it to be docked to the bottom of your window:

(This is another unreleased update where the viewlist and gridlist are side-by-side). I will make an update so you can toggle between grid view/list view exclusive, or side by side. I can definitely make some changes to support smaller window sizes though!

I’m still working on the behavior of it all, since you double click to go into the children of an object. I agree though that it should be double click to open a script, and right click to go into the children.

I’ve fixed this in an unreleased update!

This is also done in the unreleased update!

Will update this one soon.

Thanks for the feedback!

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Downloaded it, But doesn’t show up for me, But also gives an error in console:

Other than that this looks really cool and i can’t wait to try this out

Just fixed that! I was creating the settings page and saving/loading plugin settings caused an erro.

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This needs to be the official workspace/explorer it just looks so good!

It matches my workflow alot better now since blender 3.0 added the asset library which looks just like this plugins gui!

I really like the plugin now all we need next as @chima95 said is a Properties+ plugin

Edit:I have a suggestion you should make it so when you select a part model or anything the explorer scrolls to it automatically like the default roblox one

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