Explorer and Other Windows Not Updating Properly

When viewing the script editor while also having the explorer widget open (like below) I have noticed that any attempts to make changes in or to the explorer window will not update the window properly.

Some of the ways in which the explorer window is not behaving normally are as follows:

Any changes in the explorer will not immediately show if you have not opened the instances children while viewing the DataModel tab. For example, I’m able to close the currently open services folder that is shown in the screenshot and open it normally. However, if I tried opening the closed one while in the script tab it will not show its children until I switch the tab I’m using to the DataModel tab where you view the 3d world. Additionally if I right click an open script tab and click “Show in Explorer” it won’t unless I click back to the DataModel tab.

As well as the explorer window not updating properly if you try to navigate in it, the size of widget windows in general won’t update properly while in the script editor. However, all windows work normally if I’m viewing the DataModel tab.

Here’s a link to the place file:

Also, system information:
Screen Shot 2021-10-25 at 5.23.30 PM