Explorer dissapears after using Play Solo

If I use the Play Solo feature in Studio, the explorer will almost always disappear when I exit Play Solo if I had edited/viewed objects in the explorer during testing. The only way to make it re-appear it to re-enter Play Solo and immediately exit. This has been happening for almost two months now it seems. Also using latest version. Disabling all plugins and restarting Studio didn’t fix it.


Happens to me too.

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Happens to me ALL the time… I just open a script and close one and it fixes it… Very annoying though

Does this happen to you with an empty baseplate?

Doesn't seem to make a difference.

This still happens and is still infuriating.

What OS are you using and what version of Studio are you on (Should be File->About ROBLOX)?

If this is happening on an empty baseplate, what steps are you performing that causes this problem? I’m not seeing any issues with moving the baseplate in the Explorer during Play Solo.