Explorer Filter: Filter views

Ok, so the basics of the idea is that you can use the explorer filter to make the explorer show a view where the top-level node is a specific instance.

So, for example you’d type the path to the instance you want to set as the top level view:

and explorer would look like this:

You’d still be able to expand sub-nodes and see the children of each node.

Now what’s the use-case?

Well, from experience when working on my game I’ve found that I have to continually scroll between open folders to edit sections of the game. Would be great to just be able to show only stuff that’s relevant to me at the time.

It might be a specific case to me, since I have such a large codebase to deal with, but it might be useful in other situations for other people who only want to see a specific list of objects in the explorer.


Yes yes yes :thumbsup:

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This would be a fantastic addition to Studio! My client code consists of two times the screen height worth of scrolling already and this would make focusing on features and areas of development much easier.

It would definitely need a right-click “Set as top-level instance” menu option type thing


A menu option would work as well, yes! :smiley:

It would definitely need a right-click “Set as top-level instance” menu option type thing

But at that point, wouldn’t you already have the ability to expand the object normally? Not sure what you would gain from this.

Unless you meant a right click option in the game viewer and not on the explorer. But most of the time, I’m working with folders and they do not render anything in 3D

I’d find it a fun thing to be able to set the explorer window text with PluginService

Instead of having to type out the object path, I’d rather have a studio setting to show or hide descendants of filtered items instead

The problem with using the regular search - even if they made it so you could navigate descendants - is that it shows everything with the word “Client” in it… which isn’t really ideal. It also shows the parent nodes as well.

Just adds unnecessary clutter.

Yes please

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Would be nice if we could create our own prefixes using plugins, so we could make “map:school” show the matching maps. would be a bit tricky to figure out how to allow plugins to filter descendants, though

I like the idea of view:, very useful for when working with a lot of modules in a folder. My only fear is how it’ll work with names with dots. Would we use the [""] syntax, make it auto-figure out if the dot is a separator or not, or just fail?

Yeah, plugin support for filtering would be :ok_hand:

Didn’t come to mind since putting a dot in the name seems a strange thing to do.

I’d say maybe if possible, an escape character (\.)? I based the path around what GetFullName returns.

Any updates on this? I would still love the ability to search like this.