Explorer hangs when expanding/selecting a lot of objects

Whenever a large amount of objects are selected (usually in the Workspace), Roblox Studio will hang for an absurdly long time.
An easy way to reproduce this is to:

  1. Open a template place that has a lot of content (i.e. Castle or Modern City)
  2. Right click the Workspace in the Explorer.
  3. Click Expand All.
  4. Studio will hang for about 20-30 seconds.


Inspecting the freeze in the microprofiler reveals studio churning through a metric ton of LegacyLock jobs in serial.
I’m not sure if those are actually responsible, but that’s just what I’ve observed.

Here’s a large microprofiler dump of the incident if it may help with investigating:
microprofile-20231116-163356.zip (9.6 MB)


Out of curiosity, if you disable all draggers, such that your toolbar looks like this:


Does it get any better? I remember there was a fix for that specific issue that I was going to flip but wasn’t able to, and so if this helps significantly then I can spend a bit of time trying to get it working again.

This has been a major pain in my ass for the past month, this along with selecting large amounts of objects severely stall my studio for a good ten or more seconds.

This issue still occurs with opening lots of objects the explorer specifically, but does fix the selecting lots of objects slowdown.

By fixing selection, do you think you can provide a before and after for me?

Sorry, got myself confused, disabling draggers does not fix both issues that were mentioned (expand all and selecting large amounts of objects), but it does fix another issue when hovering over objects causing lag spikes:

Here is a video of the what effect turning off draggers has on expand all:

(Studio is unresponsive after the video ends)

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Tried that, the hang seems to behave the same.


Hmm, so when I disable all draggers mass selection speeds up significantly. I wouldn’t expect expand all to change, but that definitely should do something. If you disable all plugins, and then disable your draggers (again, including Select), you still get a hang when shift-selecting multiple objects?

Okay, I’ve done some prototyping and I managed to get a significantly faster expand all on the Suburban template. This won’t come soon, as we’re pretty set around the holiday season, but I would look forward to this next quarter.

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