Explorer Load Order

Does anyone know what makes the order of the explorer?

In Studio:


How it prints in-game (server-side):

(It goes on, but that’s irrelevant).

Even if I filter out services that don’t have an icon, it’s still left out of order compared to in Studio.
I’ve looked at the raw API dump and nothing there seems to give any indication of a load order. The load order would likely even be in the order of the second screenshot.

Am I missing something or is Studio’s explorer just given specific order instructions? I feel like that must be the case as I can’t see anything in the dump about whether or not a service appears or not (because there are services that exist that don’t show in the explorer, but do show when you print everything).

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There is no specific order when getting children, (and similar things) unfortunately.
I’m not sure if there is a way to do it manually though.

Well when getting children, the order is the load order (the order in which the children have loaded). But obviously that doesn’t appear to be the same order in Studio (as far as services go anyway). I really don’t want to use a manual method, but that seems to be the only option so far unfortunately.

Okay, I think I’ve concluded that the order is most likely done manually.


If you enable hidden objects in the explorer, it’ll load all of this and more. It seems that everything after TestService is in alphabetical order. Which means everything before has a manual order.

I don’t know of any way to detect that specific order, so I guess it’ll have to be done manually as well.

The order of instances returned in GetChildren() is arbitrary and not guaranteed. You should not rely on this “behavior” for anything you write.

For reference, I’m able to call game:GetChildren() in my game and have a differently ordered table compared to what you have posted.

The order in which they load is arbitrary, but that is the order in which they have loaded (which in turn means that GetChildren is also the load order). There’s almost no reason to need to know the load order, but it was worth a shot anyway.