Explorer Menu has Deadzone

When I move my mouse within a certain zone on my screen, the explorer doesn’t take any mouse input. I tried dragging objects in and out of the area to test it and ended up getting the studio stuck, and I had to close it. It persists after re-opening the studio and is always that portion of my screen, even after scrolling through in the explorer.

It seems like a random bug that has no trigger. This has been happening since I opened studio earlier today. Before that, it was a few days ago with no problems.


Do you have Windows 10 notifications turned on by any chance?

I know the notifications have a pretty large hitbox for some reason, and it steals mouse input. One of the reasons I disabled the popup.

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Yes, but it only happens for Roblox Studio. Wouldn’t it be a problem in all apps if this was the case?

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It is for me in my case.

Discord, Chrome, anything that’s not the notification thing loses input to it.

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I disabled notifications but the bug is still happening. This also affects the studio viewport.

This has become an urgent issue that prevents me from working. If I make a new game with few objects in the explorer. I can’t select certain parts of the explorer at all, such as ServerScriptService. Disabling notifications didn’t change anything.

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Forgot to try restarting…