Export camera animation (and others) in Moon suit problem

I know how to export my animation in moon suit, but how can I export others and make it work in-game, such as camera movement or lightning?


Can you please elaborate on what you mean? Do you mean how you worked with the camera in moon animation suite, and animated it?

If you’re talking about Moon Animation Suite, you can use the default camera script that comes with it, and change local autoplay = false to local autoplay = true After that, take the camera animation FOLDER you exported, and dump it in MoonCam’s Animations folder

If you’re talking about Moon Animator, then you must find a open source camera player, or create one yourself, it’s not extremely hard, but yea


Lighting or other values you modify in Moon Animator that are not people DO NOT get exported, that is for movie/video-making and not for ingame use, there is no way to export that, sorry…