Export high poly model in Blender

Hi everyone, I have a question for developers who know Blender. I would like to understand how a high-poly model can be transferred to roblox without losing quality. Just, alas, I have to reduce the number of polygons to 10,000. And exporting the model piece by piece is not very good either…
I hope for your help


Hi there!

Not sure you have any other options really, i think you would need to export in various parts, or somehow get the triangles down. That’s my best guess, honestly.



There are quite a few options but in my experience decimating the mesh in Modifiers and scrolling the bar that comes along with it will dissolve tris where it thinks best and can save you a hefty amount of tris.


Take in mind going too far will lower the quality of the mesh


If you want to make sure there is no loss of quality: split it into separate objects, select all of them, and then export it as an .fbx while ticking the “selection only” box. Then, you just need to batch import the mesh.

As a word of caution, if you consistently end up over the 10k tri limit with your models, this is a sign that you should probably start dissolving your geometry while you model. This means deleting additional edge loops, or cutting down on the amount you use the subsurf modifier.

You can always decimate a mesh if you need to, but keep in mind that the decimate modifier will give you very poor topology (and in the case of a textured mesh) slight texture warping. It’s discouraged to rely heavily on it because of this, not to mention that it also slows your learning of the very important skill that is optimization in modelling.