Export R15 .obj with Spine Hierarchy

All I need to do is Export an R15 Avatar to Unity with a spine Hierarchy (Spine, Pelvis, Chest, Neck) and be able to export with VR. I’ve already tried using Mixamo to auto-rig an Avatar (That Ended with a Disaster) and I’ve tried using a plugin (https://www.roblox.com/library/716953901/Blender-rig-exporter-animation-importer) but Unity couldn’t find a Spine Hierarchy. And the automatic Export Selection just Exports with 200tigersbloxedxx (x being a number).

I forgot to mention that I’ve also used blender to try and rename the HumanoidRootPart into a Spine hierarchy, but it was still unable to find it.

Have you tried having the R15 rig, rigged in Roblox Studio before exporting it to blender?
Creating the Motor6D’s in studio, is what I mean.

If push comes to shove you can always Player Test in studio, copy your own R15 rig, paste it into normal untesting studio, remove unnecessary junk, and then try to export it. Or if you have the roblox animator plugin you can just generate an R15 Rig, and then attempt to export.

But as I’m not an animator myself, I can’t tell you :T

I suggest using a pre-made r15 rig (you can find them online) and reskin it to look like the intended avatar. Mixamo isn’t made to work with jointed characters, so I imagine the result must have been… interesting

I could post an image of what it was and what the bones looked like

Also would the hats go inside the head or does it not matter?

I have, but Unity 3D couldn’t find the Spine Hierarchy