Export to .obj with a script?

How do you export stuff from roblox into blender using a script? I need to export multiple things which have to stay seperated, and i want to automate this process. I have seen that its possible because this plugin can also export to .obj https://www.roblox.com/library/716953901/Blender-rig-exporter-animation-importer.

Sadly I cant access the wiki to look anything up(randomly banned), so dont send any wiki links please

You can’t be banned from the wiki, unless your ISP blocks it, which I doubt. But either way, why don’t you just select the objects and export themselves, they’ll be separated by instances, you can use CTRL+J in blender if you want to join certain things together (select an object in blender, select more depending on what you want to join, then press CTRL+J)

The line used in the plugin linked is:

PluginManager():ExportSelection(); -- hah deprecated

it sets the selection before then,but again, you’ll have to manually join stuff together


its a very weird bug with roblox that has been going on for months. multiple people have had it.

You can only do this with a plugin script. That, or you can do this without automating it (which goes against what you’re looking for, but is still a viable option). No regular scripts have access to export for obvious reasons. You may be able to do it with the command bar but I’ve never used the command bar to test out things like this.

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