Exporting models with Texture property - offset problem

Hello, so I’m in the process of making a game and I wanted to use the new surface appearance feature only to find out it’s for meshes only. So to overcome this I build everything with parts with textures on all sides so that I would have the UV maps done and exported the models as .obj’s. Now the problem is with how Roblox Studio exports such objects, the model looks fine at first in Blender but as soon as you zoom in you’ll see that the textures are separate planes that are offset by 2cm from the actual surface!
Is there any fix to that? I also tried uploading the exported .obj to Sketchfab to see if it’s a Blender issue but it’s offset there as well.
I know I could UV map the models in Blender but I don’t “see” the final effect there and going through many iterations would be very time consuming so my approach stands.
Anyways here are some screenshots of the problem:
-Model in Roblox Studio

-Exported .obj in Blender

-Offset in Blender

-Sketchfab upload

-Roblox reimport