Exporting multiple objects, imports as one

Hello! I’ve been having a few issues with exporting .obj’s into studio, I have multiple objects in blender, but it’s one mesh in studio! It’s really frustrating for me. So I turned to dev forums once again to see if anyone can help me!

Here’s the Destroyer in blender

Here it is in studio.

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The only format currently that can import several meshes is the .fbx format. Do ctrl + A and apply everything (Rotation, Scale, Position). Then export the whole model as a .fbx file and import it into Roblox.

If this is going to be used for characters to walk on and not a small model, you’ll have issues with collisions. You may have to retrace around the whole model in invisible parts and make the mesh non-collideable to get the collisions you want.

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You will probably have to import separate meshes for each sector you want to be separate. Not exactly sure, but maybe try it out.


To bulk import the meshes, make sure you have Game Explorer open. Import the mesh through the Meshes and then it will allow you to upload all meshes in one file separated from each other.

After upload, make sure you right click them and insert them into workspace.

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When you export your mesh from Blender, it will bring you to a tab where you can choose the location on where you’d like to save the mesh

At the bottom left corner and you will see the Export OBJ settings. Look for where it says “Objects as OBJ Objects”. Uncheck that and check “Objects as OBJ Groups” instead. Then you can export your mesh


When you import your meshes to studio, they will be multiple meshes as you had it in Blender


Little bit of a plug but I go over a bit of info on exporting/importing in my thread with input from other modelers as well. It’s at the bottom.of. this thread. Hope this helps a bit

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