Exporting to roblox with fbx file from blender not working! Please Help!

Im trying to upload my model to blender as a fbx file because it has a texture. But when I upload it to roblox the material doesn’t show up!
What it is supposed to look like:

What it does look like:

And for some reason the cockpit is all messed up in roblox :confused:

Please help im super frustrated right now.


In the properties of Meshpart you can add the texture.

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But how do I get the texture

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You must export the texture.

Try turning on DoubleSided.



But why is the cockpit see through?

And that doesnt really help it’s just for one color, as mine is multiple colors…

Export the cockpit as a seperate object.

In blender, go to the UV Editing tab. Click Select, then Select all at the top. Then go to the left tab and right click anywhere and click “Unwrap.” then right click again and click Export Uv map. Save it wherever and then use photoshop, paint.net, or any other photo editing software of your choice…

once you finish editing your uv map, upload it to roblox as a decal then insert the ID into the textureID of the meshpart.


that part of the mesh’s normals are flipped. This just happens when you are modeling so make sure to check for this in blender before uploading it to roblox. This is also how you can achieve a sort of “transparent” effect in roblox, since they dont support transparent textures themselves, just pngs.