Expose a way to get a server's region

Yes, I am making a server browser and this would be useful.


This is highly needed. Please support this.

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Bump. Would be massively helpful and staff are ignoring it.

Me too! To be honest it’s kinda dumb flooding geolocation APIs just to get the region of a Roblox server.
Since Roblox obviously knows the regions of their servers in each IDs and IP addresses, let alone geolocating players by country, they should have given us an API for server geolocation too.

Those geolocation services are meant for user analytics and investigation purposes, not for locating a game server that’s going to be rebooted over time. Thus mentioning the expensive cost for geolocation services.

Did i mention user analytics before? Roblox already exposed an API for geolocating player’s country too! Of course they have their own geolocation services, so why don’t give the similar API for their servers, which is obviously much cheaper to make, because they have the lists of server regions anyway?


Not to mention that oftentimes http://ip-api.com/json/ simply reports the wrong region (sometimes listing an EU server as California)
An in-house API would be much appreciated and useful for allowing players to choose servers which will provide the best experience for them.


Bumping this. I’ve seen servers in Singapore report in from California using ip-api.com. If the edit to this original post is true (the DDoS rollout), this makes it INCREDIBLY difficult for us to provide good server selection to players.

I’ve been getting countless support tickets about players reporting 3-400+ ping in servers that are supposed to be near them, only to find-out they aren’t actually.

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