Extending a ParticleEmitter's range

My game has a lot of fast moving objects, like planes and missiles.

I’m using ParticleEmitters to render smoke and fire behind missiles, but once the missile gets ~500 studs from the camera, the ParticleEmitters just stop emitting.

Here’s an example: https://i.gyazo.com/eea33ae47473bd31f0f61c57f384a45a.mp4

The missile is set to burn for 10 seconds, but appears to cut off around 3.


Is there any way, hacky or not, to force ParticleEmitters to render regardless of distance?

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I think @oseday might be able to help with this. Sorry about the useless reply, but I do hope he can help

You could try using Particle:Emit(Count) to force it to emit a certain amount of particles. Not sure if it’ll fix the issue, but its worth a try.

Keep in mind that this emits the particles all at once, so to have a constant flow, you’ll have to put it in a loop and emit x number of particles every x number of time.


Lo and behold, this actually worked, thanks!


Back in the days we used particles as our tracer rounds in some old gun framework, we basicaly enabled LockToPart in the settings, idk if it might work for you or you have it somehow enabled already.