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I am currently I’m the middle of working on an existing project, reworking the entire backend. I quickly realized that DataStoreService is not going to cut it. I have to store thousands of keys at a time, along with tons of different player settings, and global rankings with several pieces of information, so using an OrderedDataStore will not suffice. I tried PasteBin, but I figured out that you cannot EDIT A PASTE, which is precisely what I needed to do. I currently have Firebase as an option, but that could get costly, depending on how much traffic I recieve. Any suggestions on free JSON databases I could use? I need a quick fix sort of thing, that will also be good for the long term. Money is a hindrance here, so any suggestions do not need to be super expensive. Help?

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If money is your problem then it really shouldn’t be, if your game needs to write that much Data it should be paying for itself unless you aren’t making profit, then you are focusing on the wrong direction.

You can also redesign your Code to be more efficient as well, or Update less often,

Not sure what you are trying to do but don’t Save thousands of entires if you are going to display only 100 of them

I have no idea of what other services you can use but I’m interested to see, but maybe try Google services

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That’s a pretty difficult one, I would recommend doing glitch and using the filestream (fs) library in javascript.

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I would rather just have one key and keep all player data in that one key, but JSON Encode and compress it with some sort of compression script, so you don’t have to waste any money or look for free JSON databases. There’s actually a compression script out there that you could use to compress string.

If you’re trying to store multiple things that are string, there’s no way a player could have enough data to surpass the 260k (or 250k) datastore limit, unless you’re storing huge chunks of data.

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Well, there is also plans for a website containing player ranking and data as well, so an external DB is a must.

If you seriously want to have an external datastore for this type of stuff, then you will have to find a JSON database that is free (which i doubt will be easy) or just use one that costs money, use Google Spreadsheets, or buy your own domain.


I still need quality suggestions. I did not want to waste the time creating a new thread, so I am bumping this one. How would I go about writing a custom backend? Glitch actually has too many limitations for what I need. I need info regarding how things are structured in, say, a paid database.

You would use HTTPService, since there is actually a few options you could do to set asyncs, get asyncs, or request asyncs with it. Read more about it here. If the website you want to put data in has instructions, use them, if not, you could read about it on YouTube, or figure it out yourself. I personally don’t have that much experience with it, but I believe you can get a website link and use RequestAsync or GetAsync on it.

Not referring to that. I mean a CUSTOM backend, meaning I handcode the backend.

*not sure if this is appropriate for scripting support or not

Why do you have to save thousands of things at a time? Make it more efficient.

I am currently working on an existing game called Robeats CS [REBIRTH]. The leaderboards on it have been broken for a long time. Every song (which there are hundreds) has to have it’s own leaderboard. There is also a store for a person’s best play on a particular song, and also one for overall skill level. DataStores simply won’t cut it.

Also, there are plans to have a website display each person’s profile and whatnot.

There is only so much I can optimize when it comes to situations like this. I need a MASSIVE DATABASE solution.

I was thinking along the lines of MySQL or a custom NoSQL setup, with custom Http headers in order to further optimize the process of constantly submitting scores.

I need something that will handle a large amount of requests and a lot of space to store, also with the possiblity of including my own custom cloud functions.

There will be no free alternatives, just spend some money on a webserver and setup your own database, or use AWS.

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That’s what its gonna come to, unfortunately.

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You would have to buy a web server, then script a custom backend.

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