External datastore ban system

Hello friends!

I have recently created a Time ban/ Perm ban system that runs on a Datastore called Firebase. The system can search, ban, and unban users without having to be on the same server as the Targeted player. With the help of DaRealpizzamc4, I am able to present a preview of the new Datastore.

From an admin’s POV:

What actually happens when posted to the datastore:

Please nobody scream at me I swear on holy R15 I am not using discord as a logging service

and then the Target’s POV:

Any questions can be answered in the comments, thank you for taking your time to read this :heart:


I have to say, this is actually really good. (also I really like the ban effect :rofl: )

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Thanks for the feedback, ikr it’s pretty funny

videos dont work anymore ): could you re-upload?

sorry for bump btw


Looks really good, again the above would be great to get to see the video POV’s. :smiley:


I don’t update that module any more is deprecated. Though I may upload my “newer” one open source depending if I decide to make another.