External File Linking Allowed?

Hey all,

I’m reaching out for some advice on a feature I’m developing for my game in Roblox.

I’m building a file system within the game that allows players to import files from external URLs. I’m considering hosting these files on a website and providing players with links to download them directly from the game.

I’d like to know if this approach aligns with Roblox’s terms of service and if there are any potential issues I should be aware of before proceeding.

Any feedback or insights would be really helpful.

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bump. No one is helping me answer this.

Allowing users to enter a url into the app, as long as not shown to other users would be in a Gray area. But providing an external link to the users is definitely a violation of the terms.

Yes, but it would only contain the files that users have put in their filesystem? How would this violate Roblox TOS, if theres no harm to be done?

All content needs to be moderated by Roblox even to the same user between play sessions. what you could do is get the user to authorise an oauth2 app and upload their assets to Roblox on their account.