External Website Banlist

Hey everyone. After getting into web development on roblox a bit, I decided as a little project I could make auto-updating banlist on a website when banned in a roblox game. I am extremely new to web development, so if this is complex, please do tell me. I will be able to make the website using heroku (don’t know if i’ll need the help for the banlist’s visuals but in time I will found out I guess), all I need to know is how I should basically do it, don’t want actual code, just how I should do it, I know it will be around sending a HttpService request when someone is banned, but not anything more really. If needed, I will be doing the ban via cmdr which I always use for my admin systems.

Once again, I am very new to web development, so I am very prone to huge mistakes. So far I have tried to look for tutorials, but have found none, I haven’t physically tried to do it, but I didn’t because as I said, all I know is that it revolves around sending a HTTP request. Anyways, thanks.

By the way, please do inform me if this is in the wrong section.

This forum is for support on projects that are actually on Roblox. Your post is about a website on heroku.

My bad, I saw a few tutorials regarding web development so thought it would apply to the rest of the forum as well, can you direct me to a place where someone would be able to assist me?

Making tutorials about web development is allowed, but getting support is not.

I don’t know where to direct you to learn about web development though. That’s not an area of development that I’m familiar with.

You may find this helpful:

On the Roblox side of things, I’d suggest having your game download a list of banned user IDs when the server starts and, for example, every minute.

When a player joins the server, check their user ID against the list downloaded from your external server and kick them if their ID appears in the list.

Your in-game ban command should allow you to specify which user to ban, kick them from the game, and send their user ID to your external server for storing in a database or file.

The web implementation would be entirely down to you; but don’t forget you have services like Trello or Airtable which can be used to create ban lists, admin, etc. They also provide a REST API which allows your game to communicate directly with your Trello boards.

Yes and no, the user is still asking about the HttpService part of it. I would say the post is relevant enough :wink:

Use google sheets. There are many tutorials and resources to make using google sheets easy for banlists and other types of storage.