Extra audit log options


Participating in certain group activities may require a user to make a post on the group wall, however it is often hard for group administrators to keep track of these messages. While it may not be the best idea to use a group wall for this, especially in a group with a large player base, I believe this opens up greater opportunities.

What I am proposing is an opt - in button that allows users to view posts by users, similar to how it shows deleted posts.



While not the biggest or most important suggestion, I believe this will be beneficial to group administrators, making their jobs a lot easier.

Please reply with your feedback on this topic, it will be nice to hear what you guys think.

I would just like to mention that this idea was proposed by byc14. All credit should go to him.


as a group owner since 2010

I’ve came across many situations where I would like this

example of one of those times:

I own Trade. and we get A LOT of wall posts -we currently have over 280k PAGES of wall posts, with another ~2 million deleted.

we get messages daily of people posting scams/offsite links that bypass roblox filter, and our own filter

they give us a username, but we have to go through page after page finding said post to delete it/take extra action such as removing the user, it would be easier if I could go into the audit log, and look at wall posts by materking, and see all the posts he has made.