Extreme Place Rendering Issue

What issue are you having?
I have a relatively large map for an FPS composed of roughly 30k parts and quite a bit of terrain. Whenever I play the game online or locally in studio, the following rendering issues occur:
-entire portions of the map(including my character) disappear when I face a certain direction
-screen GUIs don’t render most of the time; they appear intermittently
-the terrain is deformed, rendering parts of the map completely unrecognizable
-random planes of water appear, visible from only one direction(they don’t trigger my character’s swim state though)

Does the bug happen 100% of the time?
It happens in studio play mode and normal play 100% of the time. The map only renders normally in studio edit mode.

Are there steps that reproduce the bug?
Simply playing the game.

Where does the bug happen?
It occurs on the computers of all my co-developers and myself. My personal computer is a Macbook Air running OSX Mojave 10.14.5.

System Specs

When did the bug start happening?
Last Friday. July 26th.

Anything else?
The game code run in other places does not cause this issue.


^ Terrain is not supposed to be there


The terrain editor works properly. It’s not just a terrain rendering issue either. Screen Guis, Parts, Unions, and MeshParts disappear as well.

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Couple more notes to mention:

  • It seems to happen only on the lowest level of the map. I’m not sure of whether it could be an elevation problem.
  • Another thing is that it is also happening in the areas where particles cover the environment

The title says (RESOLVED). Did you figure out what was wrong?

What are the computers of your other developers?

Also, it says your processor has 1.3 Ghz. My Raspberry Pi has more processing power. Maybe it’s related to the capabilities of your computer more than a bug.

This issue was caused by a change in the way I manipulated the player camera. Originally, I set the CFrame and the Focus without setting the camera type. On Friday, I switched over to only setting the CFrame.

The change was one of the first things that popped into my mind when trying to figure out what the cause of the glitches were, but the bugs seemed too drastic to have been caused by the change.

I fixed the issues by setting the camera type to Scriptable on each render step before setting its CFrame.

Camera.Focus is important, it’s the point of interest in world space that determines what level of detail you see for various things, and where lighting is active. If it’s far away from your camera location, you’re going to see the lowest LoD for smooth terrain, which is not going to look nice. If the game has streaming enabled, or MeshParts with RenderingFidelity.Automatic, lots of things can get borked. IIRC, for Focus to work, you also have to make sure Camera.CameraSubject is set to something valid.

That said, there should never be a need to set Camera.CameraType on every frame. Having to do this is an indication that there is something conflicting with your camera script. It should be sufficient for you to just set Camera.Focus on RenderStepped.


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