Extreme Server-Sided Physics Lag


Ever since a few days ago, I’ve been noticing unanchored parts/NPCs in my game have been extremely rubber-bandy. I’m unsure why, but I’m assuming because there’s over 100 NPCs being controlled by AI at the same time. Any suggestions that may reduce this?
Rex rubber banding: https://gyazo.com/d1e22b65e4d4e87dbccc80568522b189
Even when I command it to stop, there appears to be a delay before he actually stops. It’s almost as if something is delaying the script. On the server, there’s only like 600 MB of memory used. Yes, I understand that’s a fair amount, but only 100 comes from humanoids, while 250 comes from terrain voxels themselves. I’m really not sure the true cause of this, and I’ve never really dealt with physics-based issues like this before, so any suggestions/advice would be appreciated.
(I didn’t know what subcategory to put this in, but since it deals with AI I put it in Scripting)


Is your server ping high?


Yeah I noticed this too. It seems to only happen on certain servers though, I closed down my game to test it and the lag was gone, 20 minutes later I rejoined (on a fresh server), only to discover the lag was back. I didn’t take a look at the server stats at the time, but just now (on a presumably good server) everything was as smooth as it could get with a server ping of 119.


Same issue here.