Extremely Blocky Terrain Heightmap Fix

“Range” is just the vague term I’m using to describe the brightest and darkest pixels that the image has. I used Paint.Net but I assume most image programs have something. Adjusting brightness curves would be ideal, but you could play around with it easily by sliding contrast and brightness around.

I don’t think range is the issue either. It’s changed regardless by the size for the heightmap generation. I would be very happy if it weren’t so blocky but still had the same height range for it

Sad. I haven’t used the importer myself. It sounds like it could benefit from some post-processing features to apply smoothness.

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maybe if you have to use that image as the height map, you run it though some GIMP filters to clean it up… I am messing with it now…in studio to see what it does first… or search for HD 4k maps from NASA…

ummm, what X Y Z are you using on this height map and what is an X Y Z of a jacked up places??

@Ande1steve5 Try changing it to a PNG. Ive just done that and it’s come out a little bit less blocky.

If there is still a problem, then your issue is that you are importing too large of a terrain into too small of a heightmap. It’s not looking healthy at 12kx12k so if it doesn’t work, you might wish to reconsider your design.

what X Y Z did you use on it? for your generate of it and me typing more

X: 12000
Y: 1900
Z: 12000
Its not the most healthy looking map if you look around. It looks like there might have been an issue in exportation.

ok, I will try that… just for the heck of it… but I think we have thrown out a few good ideas… also I was wonder if you generate it twice, same thing, but on the second generation, slightly , ever so slightly change the Y up for the position, like by 1 or 3 or something…

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It would double the lag if you tried that

why? would it not just be filling in holes ? and or putting in new terrain, that would overriding the existing one?

No it would overlap on the previous terrain

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I have found myself a pretty good alternative to heightmap generation. I am currently using the MeshVox plugin, and it is 100 times better in generating than roblox’s heightmap system.

I converted the gaea exports into an obj file and un-subdivided it in blender. I re-exported it into this plugin that creates this terrain like a 3D printer, even saving me so much time for generation, terrain optimization, and such.


Thanks for the shoutout! I’m glad people are making cool stuff with it

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