Extremely high MemoryStore usage in studio with unknown source

An experience I am working on using MemoryStores to keep track of session locks for player data. This is the only usage of MemoryStores in the experience. Specifically in studio, I get this error:

I can produce the error even when setting the new value of the entry to a single character. For some reason it seems like the usage is already well over the limit and considering the only thing being saved is the session Id, I am not sure why.

According to this experience’s average quota usage over the last 7 days, it uses less than 2% of the quota.

This error occurs on different accounts on different computers in different locations.


It appears the usage of 77862 is actually the amount being used by the production game. From my understanding studio and production are supposed to have separate memory stores


Opened a fresh baseplate and can also see Unknown is starting to be seen, which I haven’t seen before. Maybe it has something to do with high memory store as we also use it in our games too.

In actual production game, it looks like it has hit really weird numbers as well.


Data in studio and game server should be separate. What is the universe id of the place seeing this issue? Feel free to DM me if you prefer to share it privately.

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UniverseID: 4820230567

Our server browser has Unkown pretty empty here:

Unknown is pretty empty here:

Actual Place where the unknown shows up in

I have seen it go to incredible numbers its crazy.