Extremely high ping and lag within my game?

Hello! I recently released a Simulator called Mushroom Magnet Simulator. Everything was fine for awhile but now people who play the game experience high ping (1,000+ MS) and also lag/delay.

I am not sure why this is happening, but I did notice this in console, which looked weird.

9,000 seems a bit high for this, all the other ones are very low, like 14-30. Could this be some type of memory leak or something?

When testing in studio, ping is completely fine, but memory usage is extremely high.

Any help is appreciated.

Probably some network overloading
There’s a limit to how many messages can be sent between the clients and server, anything that goes past the limit will get queued up which is what increases latency time

Consider checking out the remotes inside your game

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Not sure if it’s related but if you can check out my post: High Ping Spikes on Player Joins - #7 by ChickenEngineer

Just wanted to see if my problem was similar to yours in any way. Just recently started happening to me again

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Yup, I’ve been seeing this for a week or so. I saw ping times >100,00ms a times on load. Something is wrong with the platform, not your experiences.