Extremely long loading times

I’ve been trying to figure out this issue for a while, but my game takes anywhere from 2-3 minutes to load in for an average player, and it’s even worse for users with slower internet. I’ve been going through it all night deleting unused unions and meshes, and just taking apart expensive unions and going for low-poly part replacements instead, and still it takes an awful amount of time to load. I know for sure this isn’t a script issue as I tested with all scripts disabled, and console isn’t showing any significant script usage when initially loading, so this all comes down to the build.

Things to note:
-Streaming is enabled
-Most if not all meshparts are set to StreamingMesh (Level of detail adjusts the farther you are)
-All my unions RenderFidelity is set to Performance
-I only have about 20-30 custom textures.
-The game is about 35k parts in total.

I was wondering if I could get some assistance with this.

Here’s the game in question: https://www.roblox.com/games/381276769/testing?refPageId=def12f4b-5b8e-4aac-b449-170277087d8a

I’ve included a part-counter gui for reference!


Personally I wouldnt worry about loading time, in order to fix loading times your only option is to really increase lag, the way Robloxs rendering engine is its either loading time or lag.

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So just did a run through and removed a ton of unions and meshes that were un-needed including parts. Tested streaming-enabled on and off, and it’s still obnoxiously long. I still don’t understand why loading times are this slow. Is there some sort of network issue, memory leak?

This doesn’t really make any sense, the goal is to improve loading times and performance. You can definitely achieve both.

All I can say is that if you had out some tool box meshes in some can slow down the game. I suggest checking some of the meshes you got from the toolbox.

Only took a couple seconds for it to load for me and I have a pretty bad laptop, if you keep having this issue try reuploading it, I find that helps whenever my games are laggy/load slowly

How does it take you 3 minutes to load the game with Streaming Enabled? What did you set the values to for Streaming Enabled? It shouldn’t take that long with it on…

It took me at most 10 seconds to load, but it is really laggy.

I’m not sure what the issue is? I loaded in in under 5 seconds and I have no lag at all.

Look into MicroProfiler if you’re still having issues.

Also look into Script Performance, odds are you have a memory leak.

Well, found the main issue. My music system uses over 200 sounds, and they were all directly imported into SoundService, meaning they need to load for each and every player when they join causing the slow startup for some. Fixed by making a localscript that just pulls from a list of sound IDs. Thanks for the help regardless, cheers!