Extremely low robux per visit?

Our game, Rocket Boot Simulator, at the time of writing this has 195 concurrent players. Over the past couple days we had 2 massive YouTubers make videos of our game. (JeffBlox and HaYoGo) This gave us a massive player surge and has stayed kinda consistent at this level of players since then.

The game released back in July with ads and had a semi-popular YouTuber (Darzeth) make a video on the game. Ever since then we had a consistent player count of at least a few players and had a consistent but small revenue stream. With this player surge, we’re still not making much revenue at all. We have an average robux per visit of 0.2, which is very little.

What can we do to improve this?


I took a look at your game, and it’s a really cool game. I would say that the flow is good during the first 15 minutes at least, and the items you sell make sense and fit progression. A few things could be the cause of low monetization rates;
It could be that the players playing due to a Youtuber playing the game, just spend less on average. I think it’s at least partly to blame. So, how were rates before the Youtubers played your game? I read they were better, so it’s very likely a factor.
It’s of course very possible that players find that they don’t need the items you are selling them. Maybe it’s too easy to progress, or the items just don’t give that much benefit to them. Stuff like a 1.5 multiplier are often found too weak, while a 2 multiplier looks a lot better in people’s eyes.
Coupled with the above, is the possibility that (some) items are too expensive for what the players think they will get out of it.
Lastly, it’s possible that some players just don’t find the Robux items; where to buy them I mean. You could add a premium shop at spawn, which opens GUIs for the players, or uses a billboard GUI to showcase some items, which they could immediately buy by clicking. Unfortunately, you use multiple GUIs, so I’m not sure how this could easily translate to switching the way they shop around.
Maybe one category of items is sold a lot more than others. See what makes that category special, and how you can transfer it to the other items.

As you can read, it’s hard (for me) to pinpoint what could be problems with monetizing the game. I hope these broad ideas can help you increase the monetization, if you want more elaboration just let me know.


I lowered the prices of a few game passes because they were much too high. I don’t think that discovery is a problem. Players are regularly exposed to products and game passes through pop ups and other prompts.

Here’s the daily breakdown of developer product sales.

Here’s our total pass sales. As you can see the passes have low numbers. For some odd reason Black Hole Tank is wayy higher than expected. It’s the second highest selling pass. The highest is dirt cheap and Black Hole is the most expensive.

I think that the physical shop might help but I don’t think that will be enough.

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It’s honestly hard to say what it is.
It’s good that you lowered some prices, as some passes will most likely be worth it in people’s eyes.
Only thing that the pics you sent really tells me, is that people want convenience, more than progress (although convenience also increases progress) for the gamepasses. They will just buy coins to progress. The Black Hole Tank could also just be found a lot easier (I remember seeing it popup at the start), plus it is mentioned quite a few times -all items except for Black Hole Tank etc.
It’s a bit weird to me, it just really seems like the Youtube audience doesn’t spend that much, but I don’t have experience with it so no promises. Really bothers me that there’s no obvious flaw, but the monetization is low.
I do have a new specific idea; instead of one gamepass that increases total pets from 2 to 5, let people buy 1 extra pet slot at a time, with increasing prices. Could be worthwhile.

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Thanks for replying. I really appreciate this feedback and I will take it into consideration. However, this is not my main concern anymore. When the 2nd YouTube video dropped we hit a peak of 435 players. Yesterday, the day after it released, it went down to an average of 130-170 players. Today it’s around 60. The concurrent player count is rapidly declining and I’m not sure why. Obviously this is to do with retention but what reason could there be for bad retention? Simulators are known to be addicting and to bring players back, how is that Rocket Boot Simulator doesn’t have that? Is there any way we can try to up retention rates?

Nice game, but here’s some feedback. The ui isn’t that good. If your on a minimized window, the buttons become all weird.

I recommend you use this plugin:

Another thing, DONT do random pop ups. They’re annoying and discourage people from buying things all together.

The map’s objects are way too big for instance, this is a tree besides a player

The tree should be slightly bigger but not this big.

The plant is way bigger.

I’ve never seen a plant thats bigger than a person. Make the things be scaled.

also the map is empty

The reason why the game has a low robux per visit is because of the things I said above and because it randomly pops up gamepasses. Fix all these stuff and it should be better.

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Sorry, but those things aren’t to blame for low robux per visit. Most of the things you said are map related, which has nothing to do with monetisation. I can see why the popups are annoying but I don’t see how they would discourage purchasing game passes. I’ll remove them and see how it goes but other than that this really has nothing to do with monetisation.


As I said in this reply I’m not longer worried about monetisation but instead retention. Do you have any advice for this?

You cant influence that, its clear that you cant hold your peak forever. A youtuber will only give you a boost for some days, after that the players will drop, that’s normal.

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