Extremely realistic lighting help

so whenever i play some showcase games they have some EXTREMELY realistic lighting like this

and this
so i always wanted to know how do these people do it? can you help me



Pretty Simple


Cool effect working for max graphics only


wait thats it? i thought it was some advanced stuff and things

im dumb

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i tried it and im not getting that color shadow from the glass

that is what im getting (or is it a script or something?)


@dragon21x50 I always do this for get realistic graphics:

  • If you go to Lightning properties, you may find one called Technology.
    Change it from ShadowMap > Future, and then try inserting a SpotLight pointing to a statue or some build, and you may see the results

  • You may need to incercrase the EditQualityLevel and QualityLevel to 21 to see the best results

  • Also enable Shadows property to every light source that you added and make sure that you have CastShadow (property) enabled to every Part and MeshPart, if you want to improve your performance, you may disable it, so lights may not cast any shadow

  • Use Atmosphere and Post-Processing Effects to make the lightning even more realistic or even change the lightning color


Those example images are from ArtBlox. That’s hand made lighting, no postprocessing effect or setting will create that.
Those colored shadows are done by manually placing invisible colored lights on the floor, and those rays are carefully positioned Beams.

It’s a lot of hard work. There’s no magic on switch.


oh thanks for letting me know, i did not know how much work it can take

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if you want to make something like artblox do then try to install reshade


You can go to Lighting in Explorer, and change the settings. I recommend changing to Shadow Map, it makes the shadows really pop out. Time of day at 13:00:00 is the best for me. Perhaps you can also add shadows if needed.

Another thing you can do is go to Files, Studio Settings, Rendering, and set the quality level to as high or low as you want.


reshade is just for your experience im making it so that the entire roblox community can experience these graphics


I wanted to ask if the “EditQualityLevel” experience is only achievable on studio or can you experience the same lighting effect in-game?

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No, you need to incercrase EditQualityLevel and QualityLevel to 21 (sorry, i forgot about that)


they use beams on the glass, that reflects on the ground. if you want good lighting, i would recommend Skybox, Atmosphere, Bloom, ColorCorrection, DepthOfField, Sunrays. and add future lighting!

RobloxScreenShot20210120_184859252 (2)
this one of my graphics, i design for my showcase.
Good luck! Hope this help.