Extremly High Script Rate Help

Hey everyone, I have a script with this rate when pressing F9 - Scripts:

What does that mean? How can I fix it? Its way higher than all the others
Any help is really appreciated

is that a loop rate?


If so, check the script for any loops without a wait time.

if you see anything that says:

while true do
    --any code


   --any code 
until _____ --condition

just add a task.wait() somewhere in the loop

Im guessing something inside of the script is generating loops. Check if you have any nested loops or runservice that might be causing it

I dont actually, is there any chance this is because this is a playtime gifts rewards system and coroutines are created constantly? I have a guess it could be related to the script continuing to register the times after the player has left already, do you know how to delete those loops when leaving?

Ask yourself:

Are the coroutines assigned to die after? If there is not indefinite loop in Coroutine, then Lua’s garbage collection will collect it once it notices that it isn’t active anymore. You should delete/swap any variables referencing to the (desired to be dead) coroutine.

Coroutine may not be a problem in scripts, in fact it is favorable. Just check to make sure it’s done correctly.