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About Me
Sup gamers. I’m exxtremestuffs, a fairly experience programmer. I started (seriously) scripting in Lua around late 2018, however I’ve been programming in languages like Python and Java since around 2014. More recently I’ve been getting into modern languages like Kotlin and TypeScript, and I particularly enjoy using roblox-ts for projects. Recently, I haven’t been working on many major projects for games, however I have past experience developing for groups like the IRF, a relatively popular group. My most notable work for that group has been implementing a handful of quality-of-life systems for administrators as well as working on a system remeniscent of Papers, Please, the game.
Some Major Projects For Groups:

Some Side Projects

More recently, I’ve been working on a data serializer to convert data to syntactically-correct Lua but it’s kinda hard to demo in a youtube video. I’ve also done a bunch of stuff with smooth GUI window movement and resizing.

My Specialties
I enjoy working with data management and serialization systems, and I’m more than happy to work with big frameworks/wrappers like roblox-ts, Roact, and any associated libraries. My IDE (yes ik it’s technically a text editor but there’s Luau language servers for it so) of choice is Visual Studio Code. I wouldn’t call my self an expert, but I can also make a mean GUI. I have little experience in Roblox’s animation tools, but I am perfectly able to implement animations. Also, I do have a fair amount of experience with GFX and access to tools like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

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