Eye blink effect

Hey there!

So i’m having trouble finding/creating an eye blink effect. I need something like this but without the green and blurry:

I tried to replicate this on one of my photo editors, but the blur tool didn’t work for some reason. Also spent a full hour digging for an image but couldn’t find one.

So i guess if you know where to find an image like this but blurry, or know any free photo editors i can use to replicate this effect, please let me know!


I made something similar to what the picture shows.
Is this what you want?

(It’s transparent)


I just found one after posting this, but if it doesn’t look good, ill try this one out. Thanks.


When actually blinking, you barely see the difference in distance between the top and bottom on the outside vs the inside.

This is why I just used 2 black frames and tween them decently fast.

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