Eyes The Horror Game (roblox) - Versions Logs

Versions and patches of the game EYES the horror game

Game Group

Latest Update

1.54 (January 2023)

  • Removed ghost vision effect (too glitchy and big performance loss)
  • Removed Christmas event


With the subscription you will get every gamepass such as unlimited stamina, admin commands, 2x Bags, 2nd chance and XRay Bags.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • How does this game work?
    -To succeed, you need to collect a sufficient number of money bags (depending on your chosen difficulty) and then escape from the mansion.

  • Why do I need eyes?
    -You don’t have to collect them, but you can use them to see the monster’s location. They provide 3 seconds of vision before returning to your normal view.

  • Where’s the escape door?
    -There’s only one escape door, located in front of the spawn room.

  • Why do object shake?
    -Objects shaking means that the monster is on the same floor as you are. The more they shake the louder they are and closer the monster is.

  • My doors don’t work properly. How can I fix them?
    -It’s easy! Go to the game’s menu and select “options.” You should find the “doors” setting, where you can choose the “old” option.

  • Is there any other modes?
    -Yes! There are 3 modes in total: Flashlight (which is the default one), the dark and light mode.

  • I’ve got epilepsy, can I play this game?
    -This game has many flashing scenes (such as jumpscares, shaking objects and more) so it’s not suggested playing this game, unless your doctor allows you.

  • I’ve found a bug and no one ever reported it. Where can I report it?
    -Report it using our roblox group (link on top of this post), check if no one reported it or use our socials that you can find in our roblox group!

  • I’ve got banned for no reason, how can I appeal?
    -You can message me using my roblox profile, or using our group or using our socials! Be aware that we are planning to have more ways to communicate with us!

  • I wanna become a mod. How can I apply?
    -Right now there are no application, we are planning to open them once we’re ready!

  • What does a mod have to do?
    -If you wanna become a mod here’s what you have to do

  1. It’s not about how active you are but what things you do
  2. You should check these 3 main things: Our game if everything works and that no one is breaking any rules (e.g. cheating, hacking, using glitches in their advantage etc.), moderating in our roblox group and moderating in our socials
  • Will I earn if I am a mod?
    -No, you won’t earn, but you will help us a lot and we will appreciate anything you will do!

If you don’t see your question here, feel free to ask us by texting me on roblox or in our group!

Private Server Commands

Warning: you need to buy the gamepass and being in your private server (it’s free) in order to use them.

Commands (do not use brackets, insert the value needed):

player = player username
value = number
bool = true/false

  • /ban (player) > ban a player from your private server. They can’t join it anymore until the private server is either empty or shut down
  • /unban (player) unban a player who was banned in your private server
  • /kick (player) > kick a player out from your private server. They can still join it
  • /speed (player) (value) > set how fast a player can go (default is 10)
  • /krasuespeed (value) > set how fast the monster can go (default is 12)
  • /friendly (bool) > the monster follows you but she can/can’t attack you (default is false)
  • /cansee (bool) > the monster can/can’t see you (default is true)
  • /bloodnight (bool) > spooky mode (default is false)

Known Issues

Previous Updates

1.52 (December 2023)

  • New ghost vision (object moving acting like a distorted view)
  • Fixed some glitches with the ban system

1.50 (November 2023)

  • Removed Halloween Mode
  • Fixed commands for private server now sending the message only if you have it
  • Now you don’t need to write the whole username (except unban command)
  • Added skip button on loading screen

1.49 (October 2023)

  • Added halloween mode (wip with private servers)
  • Bug fixes

1.48.2 (October 2023)

  • Now you’re faster while walking or running, but stamina would decrease way faster and rest is slower
  • Monster speed is based on your difficulty
  • Now 2 eyes will spawn on every floor on casual mode, 3 on normal mode and 4 on hard mode
  • Small bug fixes

1.48.1 (September 2023)

  • AI improved (better chasing system), work in progress
  • New vinyl player (try it :face_holding_back_tears:)
  • New details added (like tyres in the basement, walls etc.)
  • 2 new doors (painting rooms or whatever), monster will pass thru those doors
  • Fixed safe and basement locked door when winning they would’t reset
  • Bug fixes

1.48 (September 2023)

  • Shaking animations and sounds are now improved (shake system v2) based on distance between you and the monster
  • More objects shake in the basement
  • Bug fixes

1.47.1 (September 2023)

  • Improved ai (giving more room between ai/walls) should fix her being stuck from walls
  • Changed monster sound with the original and cleaner one
  • Changed monster flooring system, being a bit higher for smother transition between floors
  • Removed bag being spawned on top of the curved pipe
  • Added some spots for bags

1.47 (September 2023)

  • New map system
  • Now you can see the map with your phone/console!
  • Added gamepasses options to turn them off/on
  • Ladders have no collision
  • Better ai vision with obstacles
  • Better “moon rays”
  • Candle room with new fog effect (only with high graphics)
  • More detail added (example: “push the door to open”)
  • Minor fixes

1.46 (August 2023)

  • R6 and R15 supported
  • Added mic and face tracking communication technologies
  • AI partially fixed
  • Flashlight outputs a new light effect

1.42.2 (May 2023)

  • Flashlight light has more range now

1.42.1 (May 2023)

  • Mobile flashlight fixed when using eye

1.42 (May 2023)

  • New flashlight (with model and now it’s smooth when turning your camera around)

1.41.2 (May 2023)

  • Added new map details
  • Fixed tv not turning off when died
  • Fixed eyes count when died
  • Fixed that you couldn’t take objects when not having direct vision to it

1.41.1 (May 2023)

  • New safe with bags, you need to find the combination in order to open it
  • Added new objects (lamps, chairs and more), still gonna add more objects and new update will be soon
  • New tv shaking animation
  • Fixed objects which couldn’t attach when moving together
  • Fixed when losing objects restores to their original position

1.41 (May 2023)

  • Now object visually shake when the monster is near you and in your floor with the tv effect as well
  • Bug fixes

1.40 (April 2023)

  • New donation tab in menu with leaderboard. The more you donate the more higher you’ll be in the leaderboard, consider it to support us if you want :slight_smile: . If you’re in the top 3, you’ll get a “donator” tag when you chat. You’ll get it in every servers and it should be available after 5 seconds you join in the game
  • Bug fixes

v. 1.37 (March 2023)

  • Wohoo! Now you can buy admin commands to use our commands inside your private server! (BETA)
  • Some glitches fixed

v. 1.34 (February 2023)

  • Fixed printer
  • Fixed basement door
  • Removed the eye black effect, doesn’t look great and also affects a lot for low end devices
  • Improved AI a little bit

v. 1.32.1 (January 2023)

  • New ghost vision effect (beta)
  • Removed krampus title and store button
  • Finally fixed when you watch the monster your avatar went crazy + it does keep the camera position after watching her
  • Removed ball
  • Bug fixes

v. 1.31.2 (December 28th 2022)

  • Performance issue fixed (only works when selecting mansion, the new map is 17 times more detailed than the older one :sob:)
  • Also fixed krampus now working again
  • Fixed old doors
  • Fixed doors collision on castle map

v. 1.31.1 (December 28th 2022)

  • New castle map with emeralds (gamepasses works for both maps), you can select them after you click the play button in the main menu, still alpha state
  • Bug fixes

v. 1.31 (December 24th 2022)

  • Christmas event with krampus! (Find the bells to make him come to the mansion)
  • New gamepasses (currently on sale!)
  • People with old gamepasses will always have them, but it won’t be possible to buy them anymore
  • New store screen
  • Bug fixes

v. 1.29.1 (December 8th 2022)

  • Gamepasses now working again (hopefully)
  • New method to “weld” the ghost
  • New 3 randomised bags models and textures

v. 1.29 (December 1st 2022)

  • Thanks for 29 millions visits!
  • Old doors available as a setting
  • Loading screen issue didn’t start
  • Resolved sometimes you couldn’t have flashlight on mobile
  • Rework with scripts and UI of settings screen

v. 1.28.3 (November 29th 2022)

  • Fixed anti exploiter when you won it kicked you out even when you didn’t exploited
  • New loading screen (for better optimization)
  • New “press m to open a map”
  • Fixed some badges when you win 10, 100 and 1000 times

v. 1.28.2 (November 28th 2022)

  • Added badges (not all of them works still)
  • Added map (only pc for now)
  • Faster loads
  • Menu doesn’t resets on spawn (basically its just a bug fix so it wouldn’t mind to y’all)
  • Fixed basement door which teleported to nowhere when dying
  • Fixed some maps details which weren’t at their correct position (walls and some objects)

v. 1.28.1 (November 25th 2022)

  • Removed Camera and body
  • Fixed camera for mobile and console
  • Fixed wall going thru stairs

v. 1.28 (November 25th 2022)

  • Ghost has new realistic animations, like the real game (I love that lol probably one of my favs update I’ve ever made)
  • Bags, eyes and the key will be randomly generated around the map
  • AI improved (More bags you have more faster she goes, so for everyone new they can understand the game’s mechanic better)
  • Now you’re a bit more faster
  • Doors are now pushable instead of clicking e on it
  • Now you can see your body
  • Both r6 and r15 are supported (ALPHA STAGE, ANIMATIONS ARE GLITCHY)
  • New directional animations (footplanting idk how you all call it)
  • 2 New mysterious easter eggs :shushing_face:
  • When selecting an object it will highlight itself
  • Doors have a sound when going on it
  • Some models have been added

v. 1.26 (October 26th 2022)

  • XBOX support added (beta)
  • Ai finally fixed (i guess)
  • When lowering graphics it removes particles to save performance
  • Removed player’s particles
  • Some minor glitches fixed

v. 1.21 (August 30th 2022)

  • Added many modes (with gamepass)
  • Removed the win leaderboard
  • Fixed some glitches

v. 1.20 (August 17th 2022)

  • Now printer can print eyes
  • Now you have to find a key to open the basement door
  • New “jumpscare” in the bathroom
  • New monster animation
  • Fixed other “jumpscares” which couldn’t be heard when being far (lighting, shots sound and footsteps sound.)
  • Now it says “run” when the monster wants to attack you and not when she’s near you
  • Fixed camera issue for mobile
  • Fixed when ran out of stamina it will automatically makes you walk to make you rest
  • Put a new system which doesnt make the shaking objects sound stops weirdly but stops when the sound is stopped too.
  • Stairs has got better collision
  • Removed some unused parts which made the game a bit slower
  • Fixed some glitches

v. 1.18.1 (July 27th 2022)

  • Monster more (and way way more) smarter, be careful with it, she’s op now
  • New camera smoothness (only for pc atm)
  • Fixed some glitches

v. 1.18 (July 21st 2022)

  • New eye system (with eye ruins and limited time);
  • New stamina system (when the screens becomes black and white, it means you don’t have stamina anymore)
  • Now cupboards, wardrobes and chests are openable/closeable
  • New anti-exploit system (it can be broken, if so, write in the Game Group on top of this post)
  • Fixed some glitches

v. 1.14.2 (June 18th 2022)

  • Fixed flashlight for mobile.

v. 1.14.1 (June 16th 2022)

  • 2 minors glitches fixed
  • Camera is slightly higher for more realism and sense of “normal”
  • Candle in the basement removed
  • Changed bags textures (not with that weird shadow anymore)
  • Fixed footsteps that didn’t sound when spawning
  • Printer now does a sound when button clicked

v. 1.14 (June 14th 2022)

  • Recoded the whole game
  • Fixed many bugs and glitches
  • New menu (wip)
  • New introduction
  • Changed ending
  • Improved flashlight (not a tool), with smooth animations when moving
  • New ghost vision (negative colours)
  • Bags now will reset when the monster catches you
  • Fixed monster mesh
  • Improved jumpscare (with sound and more brighter, specially for mobile)
  • 3 new jumpscares
  • Optimized to have more frames per seconds
  • Removed settings (wip)
  • New floor system (when the monster is in your same floor, objects will start to shake, only with a sound, not visible, wip)
  • New run warning with heavy breath (it shows when the monster is near you)
  • Improved gameplay
  • New candle blow
  • Temporary removed the key to go to the secret room