Eyes The Horror Game (roblox) - Versions Logs

Versions and patches of the game EYES the horror game

Game Group

Latest Update

v. 1.34 (February 2023)

  • Fixed printer
  • Fixed basement door
  • Removed the eye black effect, doesn’t look great and also affects a lot for low end devices
  • Improved AI a little bit

Known Issues
  • Badges are work in progress

Previous Updates

v. 1.32.1 (January 2023)

  • New ghost vision effect (beta)
  • Removed krampus title and store button
  • Finally fixed when you watch the monster your avatar went crazy + it does keep the camera position after watching her
  • Removed ball
  • Bug fixes

v. 1.31.2 (December 28th 2022)

  • Performance issue fixed (only works when selecting mansion, the new map is 17 times more detailed than the older one :sob:)
  • Also fixed krampus now working again
  • Fixed old doors
  • Fixed doors collision on castle map

v. 1.31.1 (December 28th 2022)

  • New castle map with emeralds (gamepasses works for both maps), you can select them after you click the play button in the main menu, still alpha state
  • Bug fixes

v. 1.31 (December 24th 2022)

  • Christmas event with krampus! (Find the bells to make him come to the mansion)
  • New gamepasses (currently on sale!)
  • People with old gamepasses will always have them, but it won’t be possible to buy them anymore
  • New store screen
  • Bug fixes

v. 1.29.1 (December 8th 2022)

  • Gamepasses now working again (hopefully)
  • New method to “weld” the ghost
  • New 3 randomised bags models and textures

v. 1.29 (December 1st 2022)

  • Thanks for 29 millions visits!
  • Old doors available as a setting
  • Loading screen issue didn’t start
  • Resolved sometimes you couldn’t have flashlight on mobile
  • Rework with scripts and UI of settings screen

v. 1.28.3 (November 29th 2022)

  • Fixed anti exploiter when you won it kicked you out even when you didn’t exploited
  • New loading screen (for better optimization)
  • New “press m to open a map”
  • Fixed some badges when you win 10, 100 and 1000 times

v. 1.28.2 (November 28th 2022)

  • Added badges (not all of them works still)
  • Added map (only pc for now)
  • Faster loads
  • Menu doesn’t resets on spawn (basically its just a bug fix so it wouldn’t mind to y’all)
  • Fixed basement door which teleported to nowhere when dying
  • Fixed some maps details which weren’t at their correct position (walls and some objects)

v. 1.28.1 (November 25th 2022)

  • Removed Camera and body
  • Fixed camera for mobile and console
  • Fixed wall going thru stairs

v. 1.28 (November 25th 2022)

  • Ghost has new realistic animations, like the real game (I love that lol probably one of my favs update I’ve ever made)
  • Bags, eyes and the key will be randomly generated around the map
  • AI improved (More bags you have more faster she goes, so for everyone new they can understand the game’s mechanic better)
  • Now you’re a bit more faster
  • Doors are now pushable instead of clicking e on it
  • Now you can see your body
  • Both r6 and r15 are supported (ALPHA STAGE, ANIMATIONS ARE GLITCHY)
  • New directional animations (footplanting idk how you all call it)
  • 2 New mysterious easter eggs :shushing_face:
  • When selecting an object it will highlight itself
  • Doors have a sound when going on it
  • Some models have been added

v. 1.26 (October 26th 2022)

  • XBOX support added (beta)
  • Ai finally fixed (i guess)
  • When lowering graphics it removes particles to save performance
  • Removed player’s particles
  • Some minor glitches fixed

v. 1.21 (August 30th 2022)

  • Added many modes (with gamepass)
  • Removed the win leaderboard
  • Fixed some glitches

v. 1.20 (August 17th 2022)

  • Now printer can print eyes
  • Now you have to find a key to open the basement door
  • New “jumpscare” in the bathroom
  • New monster animation
  • Fixed other “jumpscares” which couldn’t be heard when being far (lighting, shots sound and footsteps sound.)
  • Now it says “run” when the monster wants to attack you and not when she’s near you
  • Fixed camera issue for mobile
  • Fixed when ran out of stamina it will automatically makes you walk to make you rest
  • Put a new system which doesnt make the shaking objects sound stops weirdly but stops when the sound is stopped too.
  • Stairs has got better collision
  • Removed some unused parts which made the game a bit slower
  • Fixed some glitches

v. 1.18.1 (July 27th 2022)

  • Monster more (and way way more) smarter, be careful with it, she’s op now
  • New camera smoothness (only for pc atm)
  • Fixed some glitches

v. 1.18 (July 21st 2022)

  • New eye system (with eye ruins and limited time);
  • New stamina system (when the screens becomes black and white, it means you don’t have stamina anymore)
  • Now cupboards, wardrobes and chests are openable/closeable
  • New anti-exploit system (it can be broken, if so, write in the Game Group on top of this post)
  • Fixed some glitches

v. 1.14.2 (June 18th 2022)

  • Fixed flashlight for mobile.

v. 1.14.1 (June 16th 2022)

  • 2 minors glitches fixed
  • Camera is slightly higher for more realism and sense of “normal”
  • Candle in the basement removed
  • Changed bags textures (not with that weird shadow anymore)
  • Fixed footsteps that didn’t sound when spawning
  • Printer now does a sound when button clicked

v. 1.14 (June 14th 2022)

  • Recoded the whole game
  • Fixed many bugs and glitches
  • New menu (wip)
  • New introduction
  • Changed ending
  • Improved flashlight (not a tool), with smooth animations when moving
  • New ghost vision (negative colours)
  • Bags now will reset when the monster catches you
  • Fixed monster mesh
  • Improved jumpscare (with sound and more brighter, specially for mobile)
  • 3 new jumpscares
  • Optimized to have more frames per seconds
  • Removed settings (wip)
  • New floor system (when the monster is in your same floor, objects will start to shake, only with a sound, not visible, wip)
  • New run warning with heavy breath (it shows when the monster is near you)
  • Improved gameplay
  • New candle blow
  • Temporary removed the key to go to the secret room