Ez Parkour Obby! [REVIEW 3!] ENG]

Hello Roblox Developers, I’m DevYoyo, a creator of Obbys themed games, Well today I come to present the breakthrough in my game, 5 months ago I uploaded a review, And well I wanted to present the progress on this, Here I leave the progress and more, Greetings.

  • since its beginnings:

    (cloud deleted the video, but you can see how it was and how small it was).

  • 5 Months Ago::

  • Now:

I would appreciate if you could give us an opinion about the game, the changes, what we could improve, add, etc. THANK YOU!

Try it now, share your opinion in the comments!

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DevYoyo - Roblox
D_K - Roblox
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Thank you very much For your attention, I hope to share with you soon, Glad. @alvcmamocpillin

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