EZban ~ ban users without a hassle!

EZban isn’t a ban panel it is a ban framework with a lot of functions. Here is a good EZban powered ban panel:

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Hey, I was using your module to make a simple admin gui, but for some reason the ban doesn’t seem to work. It prints that the user has been banned but it doesn’t actually ban them.

Here is my code (It’s in a function):

local function Ban(AdminId, Plr, Reason)
	if Plr and table.find(Admins, AdminId) then
		EZBan.Ban(Plr, Reason, false)

Here is what printed in the console:

Also, this is in an actual server and not in studio btw.

Do you have studio access to API services enabled?

(If not I will be sure to look into it)

I just tested the latest version of EZban and it worked just fine.

do you want me to send you the file?

Sure if you would like to do so.

Check your messages, I sent it.

No, you can’t change it to ROBLOXEpicGamer9999999999999999 due to the 20 character limit.

Hello, does this support mobile?

What do you mean? This is a ban module, not admin commands.

(So yes)

The point was that, if the module didn’t use UserIds, then a username change would unban you.

I mean is there any way i could open the gui on mobile?

There isn’t a GUI. If you are talking about the warning system, that works on moble.

Oh, really sorry to waste your time.

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If you want a GUI for Ezban here is a really good one:

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EZban seems to make my admin commands script stop working.

local EZban = require(6454647589)

It hasn’t ever done that before. Remember that intakes player names, not player objects.

For my Admin Commands script.

Loading in EZban makes it stop work.

I sent you a message to continue this conversation.

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