EZban ~ ban users without a hassle!

NEW FEATURE: Warnings!


Here is the github page:

Here is the documentation:


EZban consists of the following features:

  • Time ban

  • Cage punishment (shadow ban)

  • Default ban

  • Unban

Banning and unbanning can be done in servers without the player being banned in them. (Say Johnny was in server one and was reported for hacking, it is determined he is and mod joins server 21. Johnny leaves the game. Mod can still ban Johnny even though he isn’t playing the game).
If a player is banned from a separate server while playing the player will be disconnected anyways.

How to set up:
Place EZban in the ServerStorage then make a server script with the following code:

local EZban = require(game.ServerStorage.EZban) -- or require(6454647589)
EZban.Ban("user","Reason",true) --This bans the user "User" and gives them the cage punishment.

Please reply any feature requests or bugs!


So how do you use it? Do you say "!ban so_and_so for whatever reason or what?

It’s really cool by the way :slight_smile:


It isn’t an admin command but you could easily make it one! EZban is a modulescript that gives you several functions to run on a server script. Here is an example:

local EZban = require(6454647589)
EZban.Ban("SergeantCel","You asked a question!!!:(",false)

If you run that in a game it will ban you from it. To unban yourself, you can run:

local EZban = require(6454647589)

You should use Roblox user ids, player names are not a good idea, for example, my name is vq9o, you banned my username vq9o. I can easily change it to ROBLOXEpicGamer9999999999999999. boom unbanned.


I think that is what he did. I haven’t seen the module yet, but I’ll assume that he used the GetUserIdFromNameAsync function which basically gets the userid from the players name. Which then their user ids are stored in an array so changing username still doesn’t bypass it.

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I can confirm that this is indeed true.

local UserId = game.Players:GetUserIdFromNameAsync(User)

-Jailbreak like cage punishment rather than kick option

Seems like a bad idea
Exploiters can still fire remotes etc. And can even just teleport themselves out of the cage every time they are teleported into it. Also if there are multiple cages players they will all be put into the same cage, so for example in a PVP game the two banned players can continue to kill each other getting points etc.

It’s a server sided tp into the cage every .05 seconds. If you want I can find a way to intercept RE connections and stop anything from happening if the player is caged. Also it is optional.


Just a question; What does the whitelist do?

It prevents rouge moderators from banning users you don’t want banned.

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Oh, so it prevents me from doing this to myself:
dude8074alt was banned by dude8074alt


Just a question:

Can EZban ban someone else from a LocalScript?


Datastores aren’t accessible from the client so I would assume no


@kingerman88 Your assumption is correct.

Yeah, I noticed that require(assetid) doesnt work on a localscript.

Well, you can require a module from the client, but some modules will lock you from doing so as they’re not useful there, or shouldn’t be used on the client.

This module is one that is not to use on the client. You have to use Remote Events and such to make it work on the server.

New feature: warnings!
Here are some of the cool things about the new warning system:

  • Cross server communication (You can warn people who are in different servers)
  • Saves the warning if the user being warned isn’t in the game, then next time they join, they will be warned

NEW FEATURE!!! the sus ban…
This is basically the regular ban but it shows everyone in the server that the person being banned is getting “voted off”.

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Cool, gonna use this instead of mine (cuz mines bad) in my major update for BanGUI.


Hey! Is there a possibility to give staff access a warning panel by group id? I would use this to give LRs access for warnings, and possibly ping a MR when they reached a certain amount!

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