EZLaptop | the REQUIRED plugin for ALL laptop developers!

I couldn’t find the source code, where is it?

That was the first thing I tried doing actually but for some reason I forget how to find the source code

you can get the source code by running a script in command bar. Just google how to do it. (Sorry busy right now)

I might also consider adding settings to it. Lmk!

Hello guys, I am accepting donations for this product. Please let me how much to start at. Just for reference, I am going to make a 10,000 robux donation, 50,000 robux donation, and a 1 million robux donation. Let me know if you need higher prices because I know these are set a bit low…

The second I saw the title I already knew it was made by krimson wolf lmao :joy:


would you like it if I changed the title name?

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No No, I just found it funny keep whatever you want. :smiley:

Affirmative. I shall proceed with your request; no edits were made.

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You should change the title, the goal of a title is to be short and descriptive of the resource not some weird clickbait/joke.

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this is the script he means

game:GetObjects("rbxassetid://11938277562")[1].Parent = workspace

The title is too cluttered, I think it’s misleading and it’s too long, and I came here from someone. though I wouldn’t be using this because I have a mouse in my laptop [not trackpad] and I can use my mouse fine, and I would recommend changing the icon for it to be better, as it looks like it is made in Roblox Studio and forgetting to unselect a part

I have a slight feeling this won’t work for me.

But it’s fine, I’ve adapted to using the trackpad.

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this plugin makes no sense to have
my laptop is almost never used without a mouse

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There are people out there who don’t have a mouse to connect to their laptop, that’s the point in the plugin.

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And theres people who don’t have a working keyboard who need an entirely mouse based studio


Sounds like you’re just trying to start arguments for no reason. This plugin serves its purpose very well, the world doesn’t revolve around you nor your mouse. You point that some people need a full mouse studio does not apply to this due to the posts nature that could be its own plugin.


thanks for the feedback. I changed the title.