ezTree (Mass Tree placer Plugin) Initial Release

Dang Cyafu, this plugin has the potential to become an EXCELLENT procedural generator. I highly recommend improving it. In this scene I like seeing those pockets of trees in a valley or on a specific slope. This gets me going! I just hope Roblox tends to the terrain LOD issues and the AA


Glad you liked it! If I’m to improve it, what might I add? I have a few ideas but I’d like to hear what you think would be best? (also i love the terrain, looks amazing. you for hire? lol).

I’m going to focus on redoing the UI first, so I can get a better way to have more space for more customization options.

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Absolutely. (LOL I could be for hire!)
To make this ultimate, definitely UI revamp - minimalist intuitive theme like most applications now

  • Terrain material detection - ability to place assets on terrain materials of choice (Grass & LeafyGrass versus Rock, Sand & Water
  • Elevation Placement Gradient (trees on mountaintops or just in the valleys below?? (up to where it gets steep a little too - value range in studs height from World Origin or something))
  • Choose more than 1 asset to procedurally generate
  • How assets are placed. Currently making large parts and many of them just to setup the boundary in which where they are placed on terrain is a tedious and flawed task. Should be able to just select terrain, have the plugin understand it, and go from there
  • Size gradient for placement (value range)
  • Different way to approach the random rotations property (Recommend looking at XAXA’s Brushtool 2.1, theres a lot to take from that, and plug in to this plugin because they can go hand in hand in terms of features!)
  • Different way to approach terrain slope angle property (currently the way to figure out what kind of slope I want generation on you have to subtract the desired slope from 90. Should be able to just type in what slope I need from the beginning
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Alright this looks good. I’ve thought of changing the current slope picker to a range, of minimum slope to maximum slope. Also was going to look into using the terrain select tool’s boundary box to place trees. Definitely agree with being able to place multiple assets in one go. Terrain materials also is a good idea.

However, due to Roblox locking my group and removing 50k+ robux, I’m gonna take a break from any Roblox scripting for quite some time, maybe forever, unless I can get my stuff back. But I’ll definitely keep this in mind.

nd What do you mean by size gradient for placement? Elevation placement gradient is a bit confusing too.

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A value range for size of the assets. Like 80% scale to 150% scale. Elevation gradient refers to how high assets should be placed relative to how high the terrain spans
Hope you get that issue resolved. Definitely should keep going on the scripting. We’ve all had our fair share of nonsense on the platform, gotta keep going. Its worth it

Very useful plugin. Saves a lot of time. Can you add scale randomizer?

Bud, Whats your discord. Ill help you with UI