ezTree (Mass Tree placer Plugin) Initial Release

Hi there. Because it’s the first day of October, I decided I’d finally release my ezTree mass placement plugin. It’s been worked on for the past month, and finished it sometime last week.


What does the plugin do?

The title says it all. It allows you to place large amounts of trees on massive stretches of terrain, and the trees look natural and not just lazily hand-placed

What does the plugin look like?

The UI looks like this (I am not a UI designer, please forgive my lousy UI)

And the plugin in the bar looks like this
Screen Shot 2020-10-01 at 1.07.11 PM

What do the results look like?

The results speak pretty well for themselves. As you can see in the images, the trees look very natural, with the custom rotation and how random the placement is.

How does it work?

I’ve provided a simple video in the plugin description that shows you how easy it is to get started. All you need to get started is a tree model and parts to place the tree under.

Simply select your tree model and press the top left button, select the part to place under and hit the button right of that.

After that, you can choose whether to parent the cloned trees to a folder or just to workspace, whether to allow trees to get close to each other and touch, how far down into the ground you want to offset your tree (just in case your model is larger than the trunk), a rough estimate of how many trees you want, the minimum slope angle for the trees to place on(The higher the number, the flatter the terrain allowed. 90 is max but 88 is recommended for flat flat), and how much rotation you want the trees to be applied with (do you want the tree to look as it does before placement, or more natural? I use 1, 180, 1 for the most natural results). Then you hit the Tree Me! button and the plugin does the rest.


  1. Auto-model feature in case you forget to convert your tree to a model
  2. Customizable rotation and position settings
  3. Anti-overlap checks (If you want them spread out)
  4. Choose number of trees
  5. Terrain slope specifications
  6. Simple and easy to understand UI
  7. Works with models OTHER THAN TREES
  8. Ability to choose a parent to put the trees into
  9. Debug mode (Insert a part into workspace called “debugOn” to turn on the visual raycasts

Where can I get the plugin?

It’s available in the plugin section of the catalog. Link is here

What if it doesn’t work?

Make sure everything is correct, such as the tree model selected, the parts to place under is selected, etc etc. You can check the video on youtube to see if you are doing it right

I did everything correctly, but I am getting an error.

Sorry if you are having issues with the plugin. It’s my first plugin, and my first contribution to the development community, so there are bound to be issues. Please shoot me a message on the devforum with a picture of the error, your usage, and any other details. More details = more likely to fix.

Can I donate to you?

As of right now, I am releasing this completely for free, while expecting nothing in return. However, I may change the price of this plugin to generate some revenue for myself, but I promise it will be cheap. I am not 100% sure on this though, that’s only if I feel like the plugin needs to be maintained across the updates. But please just make something awesome and release it for free to the community. What goes around comes around, right? Thank you :slight_smile:

Here is the usage video if you are too lazy to open the link from the plugin page

Thanks and have a great day!

Credits to @Wizzardofaz for the logo and @Asinphi for the trig help.

(UI update coming soon)


im sorry but the ui is just a pure pain and gives me brain anurisms, other than that it seems nice


Haha I’m sorry, I’m not a UI designer. If it gains attention in the future, I will try to hire someone to redesign the UI.

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This is a very good plugin, just please fix the UI I dont want to taste the rainbow.


The trees look great! But the UI needs work… Its really messy and the colors…

Take a number xD. I’ll get someone to do the UI asap.

I’m sorry, but the UI looks… REALLY bad. Sorry to say that, but it needs work.

Coming from a UI designer, I’ll trust your opinion on it.

I like the Idea of this Plugin, But I suggest changing your GUIs to solid colors.

Coming from a UI Designer who has OCD and hates bad colors. I hereby report you as a threat to you the design community. But seriously, being bad at UI is understandable but still don’t just spam random colors and gradients.


Maybe space it out more and stick to a general background and a general theme for the buttons? Maybe change button color for the important ones? Btw: Gradients look very good when they are properly used, and not overused.

Pretty useful. I can be lazy now and not have to manually place trees whilst making it look natural and not boring. Maybe a UI idea could be to have a small black panel with white buttons and different categories to click on. Anyways, love the plugin and keep up the great work!


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This is amazing but the gui is hurting me

I don’t see the need for almost everyone responding to this post to comment on how “bad” the GUI is. They already know they need to get better UI and they’ve said they’ll hire someone if the Plugin gets popular. I don’t see the need for the extra 5+ people to comment basically the same thing.

On that note, good job on the plugin I can’t wait to see your future projects!


Me, as well as other users appear to not see the UI show up for the plugin!
I have tried reinstalling it with no luck there. Darn shame, was hoping to have some fun messing around with this

You can’t see the UI? Is this a joke at the rainbow or you actually cannot see the UI appear?

Literally does not even appear in the plugin bar

Oh bruh. Alright I’ll take a look at it and try to fix it. I didn’t change anything, so Roblox must’ve broken it

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Can you try again and let me know if it works? I copied the original source and overwrote the original with it, and it appears for me now despite it previously not showing (didnt notice because my local copy was always there).

Works great! Going to tinker around now and see what I can do with it!