F | Handbook of Conduct

Company: Flakriez

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Document based on: Handbook of Conduct

Flakriez handbook’s credits lead to the creator of the establishment itself.

Overview on Regulations

It is vital all members of Flakriez remain respectful to one and another no matter what they are based on or supporting. This is an overview on actions and ensuring people reading over our utmost regulations.

Heading and Resources

We’d like all staff members who pass our staff survey located on a certain category and channel of our Socialisation Server to contain excellent grammatically mattered vocabulary to keep our place professional. Otherwise, they will be given a staff warning.

Goals and meanings

  1. We’d really like to keep a professional base; To keep professionalism safe from suspending your employment here, you just require to be a great-obeying member of our community. Unless doing that, nothing will happen!

  2. Respect and disrespect has an overview; Please do not send any offending references regarding people’s certain religions, whatsoever. Doing so will lead you to an official removal from seeking for employment here at Flakriez ever again.

Milestones and Accomplishments

We want to accomplish many things as a family and community goal! We can’t do anything without you guys! Invite your friends and join us! We are always looking for new employees at our company, and always hiring!

Milestones we wish to accomplish

  1. 50K+ Members

Spectacular support equals spectacular game nights!

  1. 15K+ Alliance Collaborations

More collaborating with affiliates, the more fun we obtain!

  1. 30K+ Advertisements

The more ads we send, the more successful we’ll become!