F3X Plugin is not functioning as intended on a single game


Lately, the F3X plugin has been misbehaving out on a specific game - every other game the plugin works fine and it is quite confusing.


Attached problem below:


Error Output

Plugin Misbehaving


Attached proper functions below:

Correct Function


Any support would help, thank you for your time.

~ dclipss

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Hey Sami
I’ve had the same problem for a while, and dived a little bit into it.
It seems like the problem is with the game’s SignalBehavior being set to Deferred.
To fix that, check your Workspace’s properties, and set SignalBehavior to Default, this should fix it.
Let me know if you have any more problems.
Edit: Whoops, I didn’t see this was from 2 years ago, oh well.