F3X resizing limits

I am practically modifying the F3X tools to prevent griefers in my game. One of the ways I decided I’d do this was by limiting the size you could resize blocks to.

I did ctrl + shift + f and put in “2048” seeing as that is the max size that you can set, and right enough, results showed up based on resizing. I changed these values to a lower number and went to test.

When resizing the part using the handles it worked perfectly. I was not able to extend the size of the a brick over the value I had set it to but I had found a loophole.
With F3X, you are able to type in values. That is exactly what I did to get a brick larger than the limits I had set. This is also exactly how a griefer would do it- type in values to quickly get a large size.

I get that this may be kind of an obscure thing to be posting about, but is there a way that you can limit this? I’ve looked around online and not seen anything on this. It would be brilliant if someone could find a way to do this. I have seen it on other games such as Be an Alien: Renewal.

Find the place in the script that handles the input of numbers, and add math.min(input, YourMax). You might also want to implement a similar check on the serverside, as exploiters may just send removeevents themselves.