Face and clothing pixelated when rendered

Hey developers! I’ve been learning and creating GFX recently and have been running to one small issue that doesn’t sit right with me. Please also keep in mind that I am new to creating GFX, I have a bit of experience with blender, but not when it comes to rendering.

As I make renders of avatars of my friends, the finished product has an issue - the clothing and the face of the avatar is quite pixelated. I’ve been looking at other artists’ artwork and focus more on the clothing and the face of the avatars and seem that they are very clear comparing to mine. I also export the textures as an obj like any other GFX artist I believe would do, so I don’t think that’s what is causing the problem. I use cycles as my render engine but don’t seem to find the issue.

Friend's avatar, rendered by me

A few I've been looking at that have a clear face and clothing texture

by Zyleth_

by FireAtacck_GFX

I look forward to a response soon and hope for this to be resolved, thank you! :slight_smile:

They upscale the character textures on websites like, AI Image Enlarger. JUst makes it look cleaner. Its a bit time consuming and doesnt really matter if you know how to do decent lighting.

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