Face Tracking isn't Working! Help!

I never thought I’d get so desperate as to have to make a topic on the dev forums but here we are. Hello!

Yes. I enabled the setting in privacy settings.
Yes. The option to enable the camera is in-game.
Yes. My camera functions perfectly well and I’ve given the roblox client permission to use it.

But for whatever reason, Turning on the camera in-game does nothing whatsoever. No facial movements or head rotations! I don’t even receive any error messages! Even though my cameras light turns on, it’s almost as if I never turned it on at all!

For additional clarification, I use a logitech c615 webcam.
If anybody has any ideas PLEASE give me your insight! Thank you for reading!


It is not possible to use it in studio (so I cannot test it), and I’m sure there’s a minimum resolution your camera needs. What is the resolution and bitrate of your camera?

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Same thing happens to me and i also have a logitech webcam (c310)
Maybe roblox facetracking doesn’t work on logitech cameras?

I found a rather silly solution that surprisingly works! I use obs virtual cam to stream my camera to obs and set the camera output to obs-virtualcam within roblox! It’s a little annoying to have to open obs whenever I want to use the camera but at least it works!

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