Facebook button returns error when clicked

The Issue

Whenever the Facebook icon is clicked on a game's page to share to Facebook (see Reprο), it goes to this error page (see below):

This bug occurs 100% of the time (as far as I can tell). I have also tested Safari on my phone and tablet, and it still returns the same error.


  1. Go to any game page.

  2. Click on the Facebook icon below the ratings bar (see below).

Other Info

  • I am not logged into a Facebook account.

I have encountered this as well on my games:

I was able to reproduce this issue on Chrome both mobile and Desktop:

Same here. This is not just on Chrome. This issue is also on Microsoft Edge (Chromium) Version (64-bit) developer build.

The issue might be that the domain of roblox.com isn’t included in the app’s domains?