Faces on fbx file are flipped in Roblox but not in Blender

I’ve been working on a low poly chair model and noticed that when exporting as an fbx file, the faces appear flipped in roblox, but not in blender.

I tried this solution [Roblox sees imported FBX as if it's normals are flipped - #3 by SimoIlCompagno] however that didn’t seem to show any underlying issues.

It works in obj, however it comes out as a single mesh and I need the legs and seat to be separate MeshParts so I can change the brick colour’s individually.

OBJ can be exported as multiple parts as a single file by saving the .obj as OBJ GROUPS during saving procedure. You can find it in the right side while saving.

Even if faces may be wrong and cause the effect of go-through effect, you can always just enable the model to be DoubleSided in the properties of that model in Roblox Studio.

When you have exported the model as OBJ, be aware can I’d highly suggest Importing using HOME > Import 3D instead of the Asset Manager as you have a simple preview and already a location imported setting of the model you’ve made.
While Importing using Import 3D, you can apply Anchor, and disabling selection of parts that you might not want to import and such.


Export it as a OBJ file if you have no texture to it. You use FBX files when there’s a texture implemented on the model.

That doesn’t solve his problem ya know

Also applying a solidify modifier will fix it. The only issue with this solution is that the object itself will have more tris.

Not sure if this solution has more performance impact than the DoubleSided feature Roblox Studio provides.

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